February: A Reflection

February gets the short end of the stick: only 28 glorious selfies this past month. In February, selfies brought us together on multiple occasions, culminating in a trip to Chicago.

My reflections will be as brief as the month itself. During this lunar cycle, the three of us took advantage of two major themes: the guest star selfie and the props selfie.

To the first point, I learned the importance of bringing others into the selfie phenomenon. This included friends, Bobert, significant others, strangers, or stars of television shows (see February 4, 2013 for more). And although the title of this blog might imply otherwise, we did not do this for selfish reasons. On the contrary, we believe that bringing others into the fold allows them to see the beauty and simplicity of the art of the selfie, perpetuating our mission of spreading selfiedom and vanity around the globe in 2013!

As for the second theme of the month, it should go without saying that bringing other ingredients into the selfie mix adds an extra layer of fun. Notable additions to the selfies in the last 28 days were a red telephone (with a direct line to the Kremlin), a trail Barbie hat and a delicious pulled pork sandwich (not kosher). This piece is crucial in documenting a defining moment of the day and will likely harken questions of “where did I last leave the said object?” later down the road.

Let’s March onward… (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?)

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