June: A Reflection

June was an epic month for all of selfie-kind. Not only was it the grand jubilee, which takes place in honor of Daddy’s birthday and father’s day every June, but it was also host to a number of adventures unique to this glorious month.

We celebrated the longest day of the year, Ellen’s favorite holiday, with great fanfare and many Gatsby quotes.

June also took us to far reaching areas of the globe: Mom made it all the way to Abu Dhabi and brought the selfie fad with her (she took the $1.9mm gold Birkin fad back with her…in selfie form). Nancy went to Tennessee and made it home to the greatest city on earth. Dad hung out with the Argentinians and Emmy traveled all the way to 1996.

We also saw some temperature extremes: from a freezing cold Memorial Day weekend in New York to 120 degree scorchers in the Middle East. There were some serious costume changes.

Notable guest appearances included Miss Silverman, the majority of the Levere clan (Aunt Jane, Kiki and Michael to name a few) and another Ellen!

More to come in July…


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