A Selfie Story by Emily

Dear Selfie friends and colleagues,

I was woken today by a phone call that was never to be believed.

My dear friend Ryan travels frequently for work, and today, he’s in Chicago. Upon arrival at the airport, Ryan saw a small, scrawny man in the distance being photographed with a woman. As he neared, he realized this was not just any little man, this was someone famous. But who?

The man thanked the woman for the picture, and his voice echoed through O’Hare such that no one could mistake his presence. It was the Reverend Al Sharpton. My friend, a nice observant Jewish man from our nearby state of New Jersey, though to himself, “this is my moment.”

“SIR!” He said. “May I grab a selfie with you?”
“A selfie?” Said the Reverend. “I LOVE selfies!”

They took their selfie, beaming with happiness, and poor Ryan’s phone passed away. The selfie did not save.

I believe the moral of this story is that Jews are not meant by God to successfully take pictures with Al Sharpton, but Ryan, we give you a STANDING OVATION for your attempt. It would have made a grand appearance on Year of the Selfie.

May selfies be with you all on this nice autumn morn,



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