September: A Reflection

As the government is on the brink of shutting down, the selfies persist. If we could pay our public servants in selfies, then we probably would have avoided this whole mess.

September began with a glorious end-of-summer Labor Day celebration in Nantucket, which is the single best way to begin a month. September also marked a return to normal schedules, sadly, with no more summer Fridays or long beach weekends. Except in San Francisco, where we embraced the heat and enjoyed going to the pacific ocean on hot days. We also rang in the New Year in our various locations and made resolutions for the year to come (more selfies, please!)

The vanity of this month was not underrepresented. We had fewer guest posts, allowing the fam to have a laser focus on self lauding that is selfidom. We were graced with the amazing Al Sharpton selfie story by Emily’s friend Ryan and are grateful for the anecdote. Nancy also graced us with a whole week of throwback selfies.

Looking forward to October and the start of birthday season, family visits, and fur coats!


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