October: A Reflection

October came in like a lion and out like a lamb. And usually we reserve that distinction for March. Our government had no funding for the first 16 days of this month, but that did not stop the clan from forging on with the selfies. Our

This month brought back the cold as it progressed and with it, we dusted off our jackets and cozy sweaters. Except in San Francisco. Nothing changed. Some of us were lucky enough to explore the fall foliage in New England. Others attempted to make hot apple cider in the autumnal spirit and ruined a punchbowl as a result.

Two members of the family turned a year older and wiser at the beginning of the month, and we were fortunate to be able to celebrate and selfie with a minimum of 3 family members on each occasion. A different subset of the family got their teeth cleaned this month, in which increased age from stress probably also ensued.

October was a big travel month for the famig. Between Mommy and Daddy, we made it to four continents and many coasts this month: North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Not bad for 31 days.

The month ends with Halloween, the crowning glory of all things candy and sweet. We also managed to scrape by without changing our clocks until November, so the extra daylight in the month of October added another level to the sweetness.

Onto November for more birthdays, decreased temperatures, and a noteworthy poultry-filled meal reuniting the fam.


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