November: A Reflection

It feels as though we were just putting away our Halloween costumes, but the month of November is already drawing to a close.

November was a special month for the clan since it marked two birthdays, many visits home, and Daddy’s first tweet in 6 months. We celebrated near and far with mommy’s German chocolate cake (main ingredient: love) and learned that home is indeed where the cookies are. Ellen had a canker sore for 90% of the month.

Thanksgiving brought us all under the same roof for the first time since Nantucket. It also marked the first time probably since one of the Bat Mitzvahs in which we saw 100% of our living relatives on both sides of the family. Lots of dessert eating ensued including Uncle Davey’s key lime pie, which was dyed in Princeton colors. Nancy dressed up as a Pilgrim much to mom’s dismay.

We had several guests featured in the blog this month, including various members of the Friedman clan, Grandpa, the dentist, Nana and 3 out of 5 Rodmans. Emily came very close to taking a selfie with Stephen Colbert (mission almost accomplished).

The word “selfie” was named Oxford English Dictionary’s word of the year this month, which officially makes us the trendiest family in the world having hopped on the selfie train almost a year ago.

Onto December, which marks our very last month in the year of the selfie blog. This month will be nostalgic but perhaps filled with bucket list selfies.


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