We’re just a family scattered around the good old U S of A trying to keep in touch the best way we know how. While daily phone calls with the whole fam could suffice, what better way to catch a snippet of your loved one’s day than to see a selfie?

We began Year of the Selfie as just a dream. It was concocted on the far away island of Borneo, Indonesia, where we decided it would be fun to document important happenings of every day of 2013. The idea germinated and blossomed into Year of the Selfie: A Year in Vanity. To document your most important event of the day with a self-taken photo, indicating your presence or participation in said moment, is the ultimate form of expressing the important happenings of daily routine. The selfie is an art form, an expression of self-awareness the depths of which have not yet been explored.

And thus, we have year of the selfie. One selfie per family member every day, with a few recaps in between. Feel free to reach out to us or send us some selfie love. Guest selfies encouraged!


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